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What Is A Data Integration Platform?

A data integration platform allows data from multiple sources to be collected, sorted, and transformed. The primary function of the data integration platform is to merge and centralize data for ease of access, management, and business intelligence.

Here are a couple of examples of data integration.

Business to Consumer Scenario

Let’s take the example of a company called DBL, which produces garments for gentlemen, and it is an online-only business where users come to their website or go to platforms like Amazon to make a purchase.

DBL uses several tools to run its business:

  • Instagram, Facebook, and Google ads to drive traffic to the website purchase
  • Google Analytics to track users and their behavior on the website
  • MySQL database to store user information and image metadata (shirts, ties, socks, etc.)
  • Hubspot to manage the lead generation and nurturing
  • Freshworks to perform customer support
  • Zoho for accounting and financial tracking
  • Razorpay for payment gateway integration
  • Amazon marketplace sales information

Each of these pieces of information exists in silos for DBL. DBL needs to look at all of them together to understand the health of its business.

You may want answers to several questions like:

  1. Which advertising platform is performing better?
  2. Where does the user abandon the site? As soon as they enter the page or after entering the payment information. What are the friction points?
  3. What are the lead generation activities that are working and what doesn’t work?
  4. Do customers who abandon the cart buy at a later point in time due to remarketing?
  5. How does the marketplace perform vis-à-vis your own sales channel?

To view all this information, you need to bring together all of the data from these disparate systems. An integration platform like ZIO helps in doing that for a business.

Business to Business Scenario

Let us take the example of an animation software maker, ASM. ASM is in the business of providing subscription-based licenses to users who can create animation in no time. They use various channels and tools to promote and manage their product.

  • They work with partners who integrate this software along with productivity applications
  • They work with solution partners who build custom applications on top of their animation software
  • They manage their plans and subscriptions using a third-party provider like Chargebee
  • They promote their product using YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.
  • They use a multi-channel contact center suite from Genesys to manage their customer support
  • Marketo to manage the lead generation and nurturing
  • Netsuite for accounting and financial tracking
  • PayU for payment gateway integration
  • Google Analytics to track their users and their behavior on the website
  • External agencies to create the advertisement content and designs

All of this data is available in silos, and they need to be brought together to make business decisions. A few questions they would need answers to include:

  1. What is the ROI on advertising in each of their chosen channels? What is performing well, and what isn’t?
  2. Which is the preferred channel for different customer personas when they are looking for customer support?
  3. Which integration partners work better, and what initiatives must be carried out to make them perform better?
  4. Which solution partners are actively contributing to the subscriptions, and how can they be made better?
  5. Which agency is creating better content and designs that work well with their audience?
  6. What lead generation activities are producing results?
  7. Which plans work better than the others, and is there are a need to optimize them?

Integrating data from all of these systems will provide them better insights and help make the right business decisions. A data integration platform like ZIO can help make this integration easy.

ZIO, the data integration platform

ZIO brings data from all enterprise applications on the same page by achieving a seamless and scalable integration on a single unified platform. It helps mine value from the ocean of enterprise data by transforming structured and unstructured data into actionable business insights.

It combines a low-code approach and strong professional services to deliver the lowest Total Cost of Ownership proposition to clients.

So, whether you are an SME or enterprise company, data tracking is the key to the success of your business. Schedule a 30-minute call and learn about Zuci’s Data Engineering Services to craft a single source of truth system for real-time data analytics, business reporting, optimization, and analysis.

Want to know more? Get in touch with the ZIO team.

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