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“Your Privacy And Security Are Important To Us”

Applications are your Business; Secure your Business.

Every company today wants to release secured applications and improve their user satisfaction as a result. But what they seem to misunderstand is that security is a never-ending journey, and it needs to be integrated at every step of your Software Development Lifecycle.

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While organizations are fast transitioning to the DevOps era, they often consider security as an afterthought.

The reason could be some following myths that surround security testing,

  • Internal development teams work toward producing Secured applications
  • Security-related issues delay the product’s market launch
  • Performing security Testing on applications is a time-consuming process

Here is the recent list of application security failures. Check them here

Why DevSecOps?

The 2019 state of DevOps report states that 22 percent of the firms at the highest level of security integration has reached an advanced stage of DevOps evolution.

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A strong DevOps culture also supports stronger security. A culture of sharing, where teams collaborate using common tools and work towards common goals; this is a culture where security can be truly a shared responsibility, where issues can be identified early and resolved in the best feasible way.

Besides the common myths, the most common flaws that pave for security issues include,

  • Lack of security professionals to work in a dynamic DevOps environment
  • Building walls between the development, security & operations
  • Lack of automation, continuous testing, continuous integration
  • Usage of vulnerable third-party frameworks, libraries, etc.

However, no one test fits all, incorporating security to suit the needs of the business is highly customizable and integration with the existing agile methodology and DevOps culture is always crucial.

Why continue to pay for in-house systems, facilities, and specialists, when it can be done under one dedicated roof, like ours?

Looking to improve your Product’s Security Posture? Take a look at Zuci’s security testing services and see how you can leverage Zuci for your business needs.

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