A Non-Profit Financial Institution Recalibrated Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience with RPA


A Robotic Process Automation Case Study

A U.S. cooperative society wanted to automate day-to-day repetitive and labor-intensive operational tasks, through the implementation of Robotic Process Automation.

The main goal of the organization was to replace human hands with robotic automation to reduce manual efforts and to scale up customer experience through more human interactions with customers.


Meet Our Customer

A U.S based credit union, with around 74000 account bearers and nearly 500 workforce continues to be successful in the finance industries for more than 75 years. Pursuing to provide affordable loan rates, competitive savings rates, and services to meet the unique needs of the membership. Apart from rendering financial services, they take part in charities, sponsorships, volunteerism, and much more.


Problem Statement

With the expansion of financial services, the organization aimed to elevate the customer experience by more human interaction to provide custom solutions and services. To achieve that goal, the employees behind the operational desk should be freed from tiring, repetitive, and mundane day-to-day tasks.

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The following were the prime concerns of the client:

The client realized that with digital automation, they can overcome current hindrances in achieving their goal of giving exceptional customer experience. That is where they reached Zuci Systems to seek expertise in creating automation strategies to cover possible use case scenarios backed up by a dedicated RPA team.




How Zuci Systems Helped?

  • A dedicated team of engineers assigned to understand and analyze the step-by-step existing process in detail.
  • Zuci’s Team assessed the identified use cases based on rule-based nature, repetitive tasks, and volume of transactions.
  • Came up with the best-fitting RPA framework where each use case was processed through an automation process using the UiPath RPA tool.


RPA Automation using Database and Website Application

  • Using Azure DevOps, maintained separate repositories for each use case to access UiPath code.
  • As part of the post-implementation process verified the attainment of intended objectives, including the reduction of manual effort and the effective management of errors.


Quantifiable Outcomes

Human errors
time saved daily through automated account deactivation
time saved daily through automated member upgradation
time saved daily through automated generation of fraud and dispute reports


Tech Stack


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