Accelerated Operational Tasks at a Non-Profit Financial Institution with RPA


A Robotic Process Automation Case Study

A member-centric credit union, committed solely to serving the community in southern Illinois marked its first foot on process automation with Zuci RPA experts.


Problem Statement

Our client, a not-for-profit financial institution functioning as a cooperative for over 80 years, traditionally engaged in manual clean-up of loan funding applications. This labor intensive process consumed a part of employee working hours. To transition away from this manual approach, they desired to seek the help of process automation bot to streamline the clearing up of the loan funding applications. As part of their first digital step, they reached out Zuci RPA team to leverage the combined domain knowledge and technical expertise.



RPA Implementation Roadmap

For our client to know RPA in real life scenario, we structured our roadmap in the following way.



Switching to a digital workflow approach is still within your reach. Get in touch with Zuci’s RPA experts to discover your digital capabilities.