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Building An Integration Center Of Excellence (ICoE) With ZIO

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Data integration is a strategic imperative in achieving business goals for any enterprise. Trying to establish and run a connected enterprise comes with a lot of challenges. Establishing an Integration Center of Excellence is the first step towards ensuring a connected enterprise.

How do you go about establishing an Integration Center of Excellence?  

Integration is about connecting applications, processes, and data. This will vary from organization to organization, and that throws up several challenges while setting up an Integration Center of Excellence.  

The best way to begin is to capture what’s common and what’s unique about every organization and its integration goals. Then borrow methodologies and good practices from our experience of having implemented integration for multiple customers.  

With our data integration solution ZIO, we have provided the following benefits to enterprises in the recent past:  

  • Improving performance, creating a data pipeline, and delivering a cost-effective solution in ETL operations of migrating from MongoDB to MySQL.  
  • Seamless integration of disparate systems that had employee data and job data  
  • Automating and streamlining enterprise workflows to achieve project efficiencies resulting in large-scale cost savings and cost avoidance, and optimize returns on marketing investment dollars 
  • Intelligent decision-making with machine learning for a loan processor with unmatched accuracy

We understand what it takes to set up an Integration Center of Excellence with our experience working with multiple customers across domains. We have customized our product to achieve this at different levels, and we can do the same for you.  

How do you go about setting up the Integration Center of Excellence? 

These three steps are a good starting point in setting up the Integration Center of Excellence.  

Step #1:  The first step is to assess the integration maturity of the organization. Identify the integration scenarios, assess the integration models and business processes. This would give a fair idea of the gaps and the improvements needed, which would act as input to set up ICoE.

Step #2: Define the objectives of ICoE – drive down costs, boost productivity, unified view of data, etc.

Step #3: Identify key stakeholders and come up with a deployment roadmap. It is a combination of people, processes, and technology, as any change in one of them can affect the other two considerably.

ZIO for ICoE

In our case, you don’t have to be worried about the technology platform for your ICoE. ZIO, our data integration platform, is a flexible, customizable platform that would fit in any integration scenario, integration models, and business processes.

ZIO brings an unparalleled ability to create customized adapters that overcomes all the challenges and complications of data integration. With ZIO, you can be assured of a significantly lower cost of owing your data pipeline. ZIO-powered ICoE would address all of your data integration needs today and in the future.

Developed around the DataOps concept for automation and orchestration of enterprise data, what ZIO does differently than other solutions is to use a proprietary, language-based approach.

We recognize that everything is just data at the heart of any application, irrespective of the format it is presented in.

ZIO can take a holistic view of your enterprise data using its data-processing language, treating complex and disparate systems as a single entity. ZIO takes in your entire computing landscape to get your apps to talk to each other almost natively, which goes far beyond just creating a ‘mashup’ of apps.

Whether it’s a specific data event, such as moving a single purchase order, or a batch of data that involves moving millions of lines of data from one organization to another, ZIO’s language interprets a multitude of data formats to make seamless connectivity a reality. Clients can pick and choose their language of choice, and ZIO does the rest.

ZIO enables you to achieve all this and more:

  • Unify all your data irrespective of whether your connectivity needs are event-driven, concurrent, batch processing, etc.
  • Overcome silos with true integration across systems, whether internal business units or external systems of customers and partners.
  • Extract more value from your data by enabling real-time and high-quality data exchange between cross-functional applications
  • Eliminate monotonous tasks by automating your data exchange and creating customized workflows
  • Proven solution capabilities that have been tried, tested, and trusted across several small and large enterprises

ZIO is an easily scalable and adaptable system that can address your specific integration scenarios, models, and business processes without much effort and cost implications.


So, whether you are an SME or enterprise company, data tracking is the key to the success of your business. Schedule a 30-minute call and learn about Zuci’s Data Engineering Services to craft a single source of truth system for real-time data analytics, business reporting, optimization, and analysis.

Want to build an Integration Center of Excellence (ICoE) with ZIO? Reach out to team ZIO.

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