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Latest UX Design Trends in 2021

As long as our perception of interaction in relation to everyday objects keeps changing, there will be new trends in the field of UX. It is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to design. The technologies that keep changing every day don’t help slow down the pace of change either. No matter how advanced your product is, if the design is poor, then it is as good as dead.

Let us look at some of the latest UX design trends for 2021. 

1. UX Writing: 

Companies are trying to make themselves look more humane and approachable. They have dropped formal conversations with users, and it is something that reflects in their web copy as well. Microcopy is a skill set that UX designers should possess. Microcopy refers to pint-sized bits of content that you see in applications, websites and products. These short sentences will tell a user what they need to do, guide them about the next steps, paint a picture about the brand, and so on. It will result in an increase in user engagement and has the ability to change the perception of the brand in the eyes of the user. 

2. Gamification:  

It is something that has become mainstream already as it is available in a lot of applications and websites. Gamification plays a key role in increasing conversion rates as well as user engagement. It makes the user spend more time on your application and perform tasks that you want them to do.  

Adding gamification to your product is a sure-shot way for you to increase engagement with your product. We believe that in the year 2022, there will be even wider usage of gamification as more and more designers are also learning the ropes to include them in their projects.  

3. Password-less login: 

Customers forgetting their passwords is not a new thing. They even forget their bank account details, so it shouldn’t be a source of wonderment when they lose the credentials for your application. In fact, it is a pain point that you need to address. Users are asked to include a combination of upper-case and lower-case letters, numerals, special characters, etc. While they are requirements for security, it ends up with the user forgetting the password soon.  

You can make logging in passwordless by allowing them to log in through their social media accounts, phone unlock patterns, fingerprint scans, etc. This step is something that a lot of brands across the world have already implemented.  

4. Air Gesture:  

It is a type of new mobile design trend which uses body gestures to perform an action. For example, you could make a hand gesture, like a swoosh, and it might take a screenshot of your mobile screen. The arrival of touch screens has made a lot of changes in the way mobile interfaces are being built. A simple movement of your hand can change things on your phone.  

Some of the most commonly used touch gestures are: single tap, double-tap, swipe left, swipe right, swipe up, swipe down, zoom in and zoom out.

5. Live Collaboration: 

With all of us spending more time at home to get work done, it is imperative that we need to work with online collaboration tools. Some of the features of live collaboration are live viewing, commenting, tagging, etc. This will reduce the dependence on local files. While collaborative tools have been a common sight in technology companies, you will see use cases in other industries as well.

6. Voice commands:  

Voice interfaces have changed the way we search for information on the internet. Some of the biggest technology companies in the world like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google have already come up with Voice User Interface (VUI) powered devices. Siri, Echo and Cortana are names that we are already familiar with. A third of the US population is already using voice searches.


At Zuci, we truly believe that the objective of any product should be to make it as easy as possible for the end-user. While some of the trends that we have mentioned here might apply to a product that you are building right now, do not put all of them in one product. It will only make the product complex. No matter what kind of design trends you follow, make sure that they are in line with your business goals as well as what the user would expect.  

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