8 Common RPA Myths Every Credit Union Should Know

Reading Time: 6 mins You've heard that Robotic Process Automation is changing the world of finance, but some myths are holding your credit union back from winning with RPA. Read this article to learn all about them.

5 Critical Steps For Effective Data Cleaning

Reading Time: 6 mins Data cleaning is a very important first step of building a data analytics strategy. Knowing how to clean your data can save you countless hours and even prevent you from making serious mistakes by selecting the wrong data to prepare your analysis, or worse, drawing the wrong conclusions.

6 RPA Change Management Best Practices for Banks & Credit Unions

Reading Time: 8 mins As business process automation has become more widespread in banking, there’s been a focus on developing strategies to address the cultural, organizational, and executive changes needed to enjoy the benefits of RPA. This blog shows 5 RPA change management best practices that enable banks and credit unions to adopt business transformation successfully.

Top Banking & Credit Union Events & Conferences in 2023

Reading Time: 17 mins Are you looking for top banking and credit union events and conferences to attend this year? Browse this list of the best banking and credit union events and conferences in 2023. Make sure to add them to your agenda to keep your financial institution up to date.

UiPath vs. Automation Anywhere vs. Blue Prism vs. Power Automate: A Complete Comparison

Reading Time: 15 mins UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and Power Automate are the four most popular RPA tools on the market. There are distinct differences between them, which makes choosing one a difficult task. In this article, you will get a side by side analysis and comparison of the popular 4 RPA tool to help you decide which one is the best choice for your business.

Should You Choose Cloud for Backend as a Service (BAAS)?

Reading Time: 10 mins Many businesses are opting to use the Backend as a Service to avoid spending the time and money necessary to reinvent the wheel. And in this definitive guide, we'll explore whether you should or not choose cloud for BaaS.

How To Build An EHR System In 2022

Reading Time: 10 mins The healthcare field is performing incredibly with the advancement of CRMs, telehealth, and EHR software development. The EHR( Electronic Health Record) tool is significant in streamlining the healthcare world.

8 Reasons Why Agile Transformation Fails

Reading Time: 7 mins Some companies have struggled with their Agile transformation due to poor training and a lack of understanding of what it means to be truly Agile. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what Agile is and how it should be done.

Why Your Business Should Adopt Application Maintenance Services

Reading Time: 6 mins Application maintenance and support are as crucial as developing application services, if not more. If proper processes are not set up once the application is in production, it could cost the company and put an unnecessary load on the IT team.

10 Most Popular Databases To Use In 2023

Reading Time: 7 mins In addition to introducing new horizons for businesses, the concept of data has also increased operational difficulty. Every organization with several data sets to manage needs a database management system.

The Complete Guide for Building Your Healthcare App

Reading Time: 6 mins Customers are turning their attention to mobile health apps that can help them enjoy a longer, better, and healthier lifestyle. If you’re about to create a  healthcare app for your business, but don't have all the information you need, read on because this article will get you started on the right path,

9 Data Science Benefits For Your Business

Reading Time: 12 mins Data scientists are the unsung heroes of modern business. Data science can add value to any company, big or small. But why and what should you focus on that makes you stand out from your competition? This article explains it all.

6 Steps to Introduce RPA to Your Employees

Reading Time: 5 mins This article explains how to introduce RPA to your employees and painlessly get them used to it. The following 6 steps will make the transition easier for everyone involved.

What’s New in Angular 14 – Features, Updates and More!

Reading Time: 7 mins June 2022 saw the release of the latest Angular version - Angular v14. The feature additions and enhancements have made it more powerful. This release also carries bug fixes like tree-shakable error messages and router strong typing, which is directly contributed by community members.

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