What’s New in Angular 14 – Features, Updates and More!

Reading Time: 12 mins June 2022 saw the release of the latest Angular version - Angular v14. The feature additions and enhancements have made it more powerful. This release also carries bug fixes like tree-shakable error messages and router strong typing, which is directly contributed by community members.

Cloud Services – A New Wave for Digital Transformation

Reading Time: 11 mins Cloud computing isn't a bolt-on phenomenon anymore. Since business executives are increasingly involved in the decision-making process for IT buying and IT needs to scale, cloud computing is becoming more of an expectation for any company.

Top Features of Angular 13 You Must Know

Reading Time: 12 mins Angular 13 shows notable improvements and noteworthy new features. This version can be distinguished from the older one by improvements in NodeJs, Typescriptremoval of IE11, view engine, and Angular CLI versions, among other modifications.

Building a Digital-first Healthcare Ecosystem

Reading Time: 22 mins Today, global health has become digital healthcare. And the new generation of digital therapeutics and technology in healthcare will involve a closer and more enormous interaction with artificial intelligence. But while this field's potential is immense, we still have to overcome several challenges before delivering optimum and impactful results for clinical implementations.

Top 10 Python Frameworks for Web Development

Reading Time: 20 mins Due to its popularity, ease of coding rules, unique syntax compared to C, C++, and Java, a wide variety of prospects, and easier-to-learn facility, many programmers and compilers today prefer to work with Python.

15 Best Digital Transformation Consulting Companies in 2022

Reading Time: 14 mins This blog will discuss the 15 Best Digital Transformation Consulting Companies that will help your company scale its productivity, boost operational efficiency, and enhance work results and customer experience with minimum resistance to change, with the support of digital transformation.

How is AI driving continuous innovation in finance?

Reading Time: 25 mins The finance industry is undergoing a transformation that involves AI, data, and deep learning. This blog will give you an overview of what it is all about. And what AI holds in the future for the banking and financial industry.

How to identify RPA use cases for your credit union?

Reading Time: 24 mins A blog on identifying use cases of RPA within the banking and credit union industry. At the end of this blog, you will be armed with a complete RPA use case buffet, ready to be prioritized and acted upon.

Hyper-automation: An overview

Reading Time: 11 mins As the business environment is moving towards more complex models and enterprise transformation, hyper-automation is an answer to their expectations

How IoT is Radically Transforming Businesses

Reading Time: 13 mins IoT is not just limited to Smart Homes but has gone on to make its presence felt in industries such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Transportation, Manufacturing, and Retail among others. Read on to learn more.

Business Intelligence or Data Analytics: What Is Better for Business?

Reading Time: 24 mins If you're new to business intelligence (BI) and data analytics or trying to decide if this is the right strategy for your business, it can be challenging to make sense of your options. This blog will help you with a comprehensive overview of BI and data analytics in one place.

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