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What Is Power BI and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

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Power BI is a data analytics tool from the house of Microsoft. For a business to be agile, efficient and data-driven, business intelligence tools are a must these days. Power BI helps you leverage your data for business decision making. When you have a data analytical system in place, you will be able to effectively analyze your data, find useful information, unearth patterns, come up with solutions for pressing problems, and so on. It can be a game-changer if your business generates a lot of data.

Let us look at some of the ways in which Power BI helps your business:

#1 Integrates with your existing applications:

Power BI can integrate with the applications that you are using currently. It helps you to adopt analytics and reporting capabilities. You can also use the interactive tool to embed visuals that are interactive. You can set up an automatic data refresh that allows you to gather reports that have the latest data.

#2 Rich features:

Power BI provides you with a rich suite of features. It is designed to create intelligent visualisations which are based on your business’ data. This will help you in taking important decisions that can change the course of how you do your business. It provides you the ability to create graphical data visualizations that can be built both in collaborative environments or are independent.

#3 Superior accessibility & connectivity:

By being compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices, it offers superior accessibility. Even your existing reports can be easily adjusted to fit into reduced landscape form factors. You can integrate it with cloud software, including advanced data services such as Cortana. The graphical functions are so intuitive that you do not need to spend time on training your employees to get well versed with it.

Power BI supports a wide range of data, such as the client data in your CRM or data from your ERP, and even access Azure cloud, on-premise data and 3rd party data sources. Using these disparate sources of data, you will be able to create different data sets. The software keeps improving with the passage of time.

#4 High security:

Thanks to Microsoft Cloud App Security, you can extend data loss prevention and governance. You can protect your organizational data by using Power BI security with service tags, Azure Private Link, and Azure Virtual Network. Power BI will also allow you to label critical data, add security administrators, and monitor user activity in real-time.

#5 Continuous updates:

Microsoft is proactive in responding to the comments and suggestions that float around in the Power BI community. This ensures that there are regular updates for the tool. Whenever a new functionality is proposed, a voting session ensues and it is implemented along with the core product. Since the community is growing stronger with time, you can expect to get great support from Microsoft as well as from the community. It will help you to leverage the full functionality of Power BI, thanks to access to the community.

#6 Personalized dashboard:

One of the best things about the Power BI tool is its rich dashboard. It has powerful personalization abilities which allow the user to create dashboards that will meet the exact requirements of your organization. It is also easy to provide a unified user experience by embedding the dashboards and BI reports in the same application.

#7 Predictive capabilities:

You can extract insightful details using Power BI’s forecasting and predictive analytics features. Thanks to its advanced data modeling feature, you can track the trends in the past, monitor the present performance, and predict how things would turn out in the future. You can even input different data to compare and run scenarios for various situations.


Power BI can unleash the superpower of Business Intelligence and help you build a brilliant data culture. By putting your data in a single platform, you will be able to save thousands of dollars and make instantaneous business decisions. With this automated BI tool, you can achieve self-service business intelligence and be more competitive.

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