About Lini Susan John

Chatty & gregarious, you can find her with her baby plants when not with her marketing team.

The Zengineering Approach To Decision-Making


We as Zengineers have open conversations, critical evaluations and a diverse set of opinions on the table and that brings out the innovativeness in the decisions we make including the technology delivered to our clients.

Best Practices in Mobile App Design in 2024


Your users only care about the kind of experience they will be getting while using your app. That’s why it is important for you to follow the best practices while designing your mobile app. Let's see what they are.

What Is Power BI and How Can it Benefit Your Business?


Power BI helps you leverage your data for business decision making. When you have a data analytical system in place, you will be able to effectively analyze your data, find useful information, unearth patterns, come up with solutions for pressing problems, and so on.

What You Need To Know About BI Dashboards?


This blog covers the best practices one needs to keep in mind while designing a BI dashboard, apart from the what and why part of it. Do give a read if you are planning to build a BI dashboard for your business unit.

5 Best Practices To Succeed With Your Data Science Project


Uber uses data science for price optimization. AirBnB keeps its customers away from fraud with the help of data science. You get to ‘Netflix and Chill’ because its recommendation engine suggests movies and shows that are closest to your liking- it saves them more than $1 billion every year.

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