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CIOs Can Cut Development Costs In Half With Horus Digital Enablement Tool

Things were getting out of hand for Jack Reese, CIO. The more code commits his engineers made, the more liabilities they introduced in the form of practically untraceable bugs. The technical debt of his code base just kept piling up. Every moment spent was an expense that showed up on the balance sheet… that he had to answer for. Fortunately, he found a solution in Horus.

When Jo Carter, CEO, announced, “I want to deliver the ultimate user experience. At a fair price point. And I want it yesterday,” Reese knew that, as head of IT strategy and systems, his job was on the line. He was responsible for all the financial aspects of his engineers’ code base.

For years he had struggled with the so-called best-in-class solutions that promised to deliver what he wanted, to journal all the work done his engineers.

Yet in one review meeting after another, the solutions never failed to disappoint. Finally things had come to a crisis. His organization had to deliver — or die!

The Ground Shifts Under CIOs Feet

Not too long ago, CIOs were content with running IT and that was about it. Managing infrastructure for business ops was sufficient.

With cloud, Big Data, mobile, AI, IoT and more, digital disruption was rife, posing an unknown set of challenges for CIOs. Overnight, their focus shifted to service analysis, data security, and market reach.

Enter Horus

Fortunately for Reese and other CIOs like him, Horus offers a new paradigm in digital enablement. It has the flexibility to slice-and-dice every stage of software development to provide meaningful insights in a CIO’s context.

With Horus, CIOs could easily:

  • Create business value through contextual insights
  • Plan strategically to achieve business growth
  • Ensure that technology was aligned with business goals
  • Manage and track team performance
  • Facilitate Information risk management (IRM)
  • Analyze future technologies and allocate budgets

CIOs like Jack Reese are a crucial element in an enterprise’s digital transformation. Horus enables CIOs to stay in tune with the hi-tech needs of customers, which translates into positive growth numbers for the company.

Horus has helped global enterprises cut development costs in half. You can track down the exact financial value of every line of code.

With Horus to back him, Reese really stepped up to his role as the CIO, primed to transform the way his company does business.

Not only is he secure in his job, he can see a bright future ahead in implementing innovative solutions to create shareholder value!

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