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Method Fattiness | Why It Is Important?

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What constitutes a method in programming is the number of classes. Methods, classes are all made up of lines of code.

What happens when your method is fat?

The sequence of the code based getting into the deployment phase will be,

CPU, Network, RAM & Hard disc is very essential resources to read/write and run code, while rarely the code needs network support, the other elements are a must for a code, thus becoming performance bottlenecks.

The fatty methods gets stored in the RAM, the CPU has to retrieve these methods from the RAM and run which takes a little too much time whereas the lean methods, being thin in size get stored in the server of the CPU itself and when it is run, it takes very less time to run it as opposed to retrieving them from RAM and running it.

Disc write is always costly compared to RAM write. When resources are used minimally, a large amount of work gets done quickly.

Hence writing lean methods is to be recommended to save time and storage for fast execution.

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