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Commit Count | Why It Should Be Measured

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Commit in Git is used to save your latest changes to the code in the local repository. Commits in version control systems are stored in the repository indefinitely. Thus, when other users do an update or a checkout from the repository, they will receive the latest committed version, unless they specify, they wish to retrieve a previous version of the source code in the repository.

To commit a change in git, enter

git commit -m ‘commit message’,

commit message – the changes one wants to do. After the commit is performed, the next step is to push the commit made to the repository like below,

‘git push origin master’

Commits are an easy way to find the contributions made by each developer in building software, it could be fixing a bug, adding new features, etc.…which determine the overall health of the software.

Commits must be made on a regular basis, thereby improving the quality of the software.

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